Monday, January 28, 2013

Big Data on steroids: Interesting Facebook Social Graph insights for Nigeria

So a good friend of mine Seyi Taylor (@seyitaylor) and his team at Bloovue have already done a deep dive into the juicy world of Facebook social graph. Below is the first infographic they put together. They plan to share more at the Social Media Week in February 2013.


In my first blogpost this year (see it here I said one of the hiring questions for selecting marketing professionals this year must be an awareness/understanding of Big Data. Where can we gain insights on customer preference and proclivities to aide engagement plans? Well the guys from Facebook seem to have made our jobs easier…the new year gift of Social graph should play a role in bringing these insights to life.

We however need smart guys like the Bloovue folks to take that data and tell us a story. You see, having tons of data is one thing, stringing it together in a way that aids decision making is a task that separates mediocre professionals and ace professionals.

I would like to know what mobile phone features people aged 16-25 years in Nigeria find most critical in making a purchase decision? Do Nigerian married women feel a need to share the love for a particular brand of automobile on Facebook?  I do hope when Social Graph moves from “Beta” phase to “available to all ” phase these will just be the tip of the iceberg of insights we can derive from it.

I see a new revenue stream for consultants emerging: Proactively doing a deep dive on a target client's target market on Facebook via Social Graph and sell them the insights, benchmark their performance with close competitors, discover potential brands you can engage in joint brand campaigns etc

One funny stat though….we have 6 million plus Nigerians on Facebook and 5 million plus Nigerians  on the fast growing social network Who are the missing 1million?  Is this a generational migration from Facebook to Eskimi by young people freaked out by their mothers and far flung grand uncles joining Facebook? Is a generation loosening their ongoing use of Facebook?

Let the insight miners get to work  :-) 

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  1. Why do I keep doubting Eskimi's data? Lol.